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We are SOOO THRILLED with the fabulous job you have done on Sarah & Bruce�s video!!!We are simply loving it !!


Have a wonderful voyage and holiday!


MANY THANKS and much love.


Pam and Dave � 17 November 2008


Dear Sam and Howard,


It is our 1 year anniversary today and we have yet again been watching our fantastic wedding video.We just wanted to say thank you again for doing such a great job.You really did catch every special moment we wanted to remember.


Grant and Megan - September 22, 2008

Dear Sam & Howard,


Marli and I would really like to convey our gratitude and appreciation for the lengths you have gone through to re-create our special day.  We have taken a lot of care and effort in planning and ensuring that the day runs as we wanted it, and your video has contributed to the eternal value this will have for us.  The video really portrays the events, atmosphere and the special occasion which it was.  You are welcome to use our video footage for promotional purposes on your side.


May God bless you and the work that you do to create special memories which will last forever.


Kind Regards


Stian & Marli


15 September 2008

9 minute highlights of the above video

16 minute highlights of the above video

Dear Howard & Sam

Huge THANK YOU to you both on the superb job you did on our
wedding DVD!You are a great team and made us feel so relaxed and comfortable on the day and we thank you for that.I have watched the DVD over and over and absolutely love it, great editing.Absolutely awesome wedding DVD.

Thanks again.



Twone & Brad


July 2008



Thank you so much for the DVD's which arrived this week!  They are absolutely fantastic, better than we ever imagined - I have watched it several times already!


Please let us know when you have uploaded the link as I know other people can't wait to see the highlights!


Thanks again


Carolyn and Simon (Received July 2008)


Hi Sam and Howard


Sorry taken sooo long to e-mail you.The video was awesome thank you so much.Everyone who has watched has said what a great job you did.


Can you please send me that link so I can send it to my family overseas.


Kind regards


Justine (Received July 2008)


Dear Howard & Sam,

We just wanted to say thank very much for the superb job you've done on our wedding video. We were delighted to watch it the other evening and you have perfectly captured our "special day" for us enabling to relive it whenever we want to. Your professional attitude and help and advice throughout were invaluable and we'd have no hesitation in recommending you to other couples.

 All the very best,


Mark & Janine (Received June 2008)



Hi Howard and Sam


Thank you so much for our lovely videos which we received at the end of the week.  We sat down to watch them this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed seeing our wedding and everything that went on again.


Thank you for doing such a great job, such happy memories.


Can you let me know how we can put the highlights video onto the internet for our friends and family to watch? We can't wait to send it around to give those who couldn't make our big day a glimpse of what we experienced.


Thanks again


Caroline and Alistair (Received April 2008)



We are totally thrilled with the video and are going to post it off to Australia on Monday.Thank you so much!There is a lot which we�d forgotten and it is wonderful to have it all on DVD.Our thanks go to you and your colleague for helping us.

Thank you so much and all the best.


Sue (Received February 2008)

Dear Howard & Sam

Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did on our Wedding Day.The DVDs are absolutely beautiful and a perfect reminder of our perfect day.

With love

Angela & Kevin(Received January 2008)

Dearest Sam & Howard

Oh dear, we've been wanting to give you some feedback for so long, but things have just been madness since our return to the UK.

We would like to thank you both for the most Gorgeous DVD.  It is so beautiful!  And I wish I could record what everyone said that has seen it.  Thank You so very much for all your amazing efforts.  It is really appreciated so so much!  You do a wonderful job & we most certainly can recommend you to all of our friends!!! 

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

Kindest Regards

Paul & Chanelle (Received November 2007)

Dear Howard,

After winning the Rugby World Cup last night, we came home so happy that we thought we'd start watching our
..... thinking we would watch half and the rest on Sunday.... but it was all so great and exciting, we watched the entire movie and only went to bed around 2am.

So just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job!Everyone else who has seen it loved it too ..... and we have a few people left who are dying to see it!

We would be happy to be a reference for you at anytime with unsure couples ..... or just in general.

We wish you all the best and hope you carry on making wonderful wedding DVD's for a long, long time!

Meg and Grant (Received October 2007)


Hi Sam & Howard


This is just a short note to say thank you very much for the video.  Everyone who has seen it loves it.  It really was put together very professionally


Thank you



Jason & Liesel (Received July 2007)

Hello Howard and Sam
We have received our wedding DVDs!
Thank you so much. You have done a fantastic job. We are so pleased with them. They are now doing the circuit round all our family and friends. The music and the editing that you have done really captures the essence of the day and it is great that this can now be relayed to even those who could not make it over to Cape Town for the wedding.
The highlights option also means that we can show people the DVD without feeling like we are boring them by sitting through a two hour video (although we have no complaints about the longer version and we have still shown it to quite a few people!!)
Thanks once again, you have done a brilliant job.
Rebecca and Toby (Received July 2007)

Dearest Sam and Howard


Words cannot begin to express how delighted Patrick and I are with our wedding DVD


You captured absolutely everything that we had hoped and it exceeded our expectations in every way possible!


We certainly will not hesitate to recommend your services to any of our friends or acquaintances!


Kindest regards


Janine(Received May 2007)


Hi Sam & Howard


We got our DVD in London on Saturday and are very happy with it. You have done a great job.We would be happy to recommend you.


Many Thanks


Eamon & Clare(Received April 2007)

Hi Howard & Sam

Just want to thank you for the awesome job you've done with our DVD.It�s absolutely stunning.Thanks that we will be able to relive every special moment of our day by watching our DVD.

Thanks so much for the link to the online Highlights clipMy friends & family say its awesome.Thanks for making it possible for them to view this without us having to go through all the trouble.

This is so supercool!!

Thanks so much for everything!!

Liezel & Elton(Received March 2007)

Dear Sam and Howard


We would just like to thank you very much for an excellent video.


You have really captured our wedding day beautifully, the venue, the speeches and everybody's reactions, and all the happiness and fun. We also loved the personal messages and the highlight package at the end. The use of music was perfect too and appropriate in each section. We have already watched it over and over and look forward to watching it many times in the years ahead.


Thank you again and we will be sure to recommend you to our friends.


Kindest regards,


Graeme and Michelle(Received February 2007)

Hi Howard

The DVDs arrived safely last week.We watched the whole thing right away and were glued to the screen from beginning to end.We were totally blown away, by this carefully crafted and detailed account of our special day.It far exceeded any expectations.

We enjoy having the condensed highlight summary.I was able to show it to the girls at work, during their lunch break.They didn�t have time to sit through the full version.It was just right for them.By the time it was finished, there wasn�t a dry eye in the house!

Thank you, thank you!


Sian & Stu Denman, Burry Port, Wales (received January 2007)


Hi Howard

I thought I'd just send a quick note to say that I received my copy of the wedding video - my mom posted it to me.  It is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!   You are very talented.  I wept again so many times - it really did bring the whole day back in such a magical and detailed way. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful work.  We will really treasure this forever.

Much love


Deborah and Charl (received December 2006)



Dear Sam & Howard


This is just a little note to say thank you for the wonderful memory of our wedding day.You captured the mood perfectly.It was a pleasure working with you both.We have also been able to show the DVD to our friends overseas.They loved it.


We will treasure it always



Nina & Stu(received June 2006)

Dear Sam and Howard


We actually cannot thank you both enough for the absolutely spectacular video that you have put together. It�s so perfect, nothing left out, just a touch of everything, not an instant missed. We are so grateful to you both. You are such special people and dealing with from beginning to end has been nothing but a pleasure. To have these memories put together like this is just amazing and something that we can cherish forever. It seems so little to say Thank you for all that you have done for us and all the work that must have gone into the video. Truly, THANK YOU!


Lots of love Murray and Tess (received June 2006)


Hi Sam & Howard,


We relived our wedding about 4 times since getting the DVD���


Thank you so much for an outstanding rendition of our day, it is of the highest standard and represents the day perfectly.  It is going to be great showing our kids one day.


Thanks a lot and good luck for the future, I will be sure to recommend your services.



JP and Claire (received April 2006)

Hi Sam & Howard


Thanks so much for our wedding DVD.It is most beautiful!





Conrad & Nanine (23 February 2006)



Hi Sam & Howard


I want to say a B!G thank you and Sam for doing such a spectacular job with the Wedding video.It is so beautiful and Russ and I are both very happy with it.  I have already watched it 5 times and Russ has watched it 3 times. The few friends that have seen it have all managed to watch it twice! It shows you how much we enjoy it.


Thank you so much.




Tess & Russ(5 December 2005)



Dear Sam & Howard,


Thank you so much for being at our show yesterday � it is lovely having continuity through the years.You are such a reliable and dependable team and we all look forward to owning a DVD to be able to enjoy �The Little Mermaid� whenever we want to.


With heartfelt thanks,


Mary Ann Syphus

Springfield Junior School(14 September 2005)



Hi there


Thank you so much for the video. It is beautiful.You guys did a great job.Now we can remember our special day for years to come. Thank you for making it so memorable.I even cried a bit last night when I watched it.


Thank you, thank you, thank you


Trevor & Vicky(28 June 2005)




Hi there Sam & Howard


What a beautiful DVD. We watched it last night and it really is beautiful. You both do a really wonderful job.


Love to you both and thank you again for the very special memories.


Ann (19 June 2005)




Dear Sam and Howard


Now that is what I call professional.  We love it � it�s fantastic.�� Thank you again.


Best wishes



Nicole J Lissner Photography (20 April 2005)

Hi Sam and Howard,

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful video. We lapped up every minute of it when we finally got a chance to watch it back home. You've done a really nice job and we're so glad it was you who did the film. The music and editing is perfect. It's been great to show our families in the UK.

Thanks for the photos too, which have been great for sending off to friends. We had a good lunch at the Brass Bell and found it an interesting spot with the train line right along the beach.

Lots of love

Jane and Mike (2 February 2005)

The DVD arrived this morning and we have just finished watching it.  It's absolute fantastic and more than worth the wait.  Thank you so much for doing such a brilliant job.  The DVD is so professional and you've captured the day perfectly!  It has brought all the memories back, thanks for all your hard work.  Can't wait to show all our friends and family (especially my dad!)  I was in tears a lot of the time, and the way you have edited it is fantastic.  Wonderful!  Brilliant!  Would recommend you guys to anyone!

We will be in Cape Town from the 19th to the 27th February, so will be in touch then. 

Thanks again,

Roz & Simon (28 January 2005)


We have received the DVD and are absolutely thrilled with it! Thank you so much for all the hard work and keeping the memories for us for ever.

All the best

Kind regards

Severine & Xander (4 January 2005)


Dear Sam & Howard

What a great wedding video! (OK so we're a bit biased!) but really, you did a wonderful job.. So enjoyable to watch. We have received lots of compliments.

We've shown it to friends who couldn't make it to the wedding and it really gives a sense of what the day was like. Thanks for your hard work. The still shots, at the end, give it a special ending.

Thanks again

Ad�le & James (20 September 2004)

Dear Sam & Howard

The video & DVD is soo beautiful. Thank you so much for capturing this very special event for us. Sam, the house & garden look so lovely - nearly as lovely as the bride who looks spectacular actually.

Thank you for showing Monkey Valley as it should look, on a beautiful day. At the end, what a delight the photo montage is. The music is perfect.

A lovely, lovely reflection of a memorable day!

Thank you both

Geoff & Rosemary (7 May 2004)


You will not believe it but we only had our wedding DVD's brought to us on Friday night!! They are really wonderful, we are so pleased!!

It really captures the moment and I just love the beginning with the overview of Noordhoek.

I will happily write a testimonial for you for your website if you need any more!

Thanks so much for such a great job.

Kind regards,

Kerryn (5 April 2004)

Hi Sam & Howard,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for all the information you sent to me relating to DVD's and the incompatibility issues of older models (including my prehistoric Wharfedale). Alas, it isn't much more than 3 or 4 years old. But, I guess that's a long time as far as DVD technology is concerned.

You really have gone far beyond the call of duty and we do appreciate all the time and effort that you have put in. An awful lot of companies over here, in UK, could learn a lot from you as far as after sales service goes. Thank you so very much.

So all has turned out well for us... More than anything else though, we were delighted with both the visual and audible quality and creatively edited 'film' of our wedding. You and Sam did an excellent job of capturing our special day.

So please accept our thanks for all that you have done in helping sort out, our technical hitch with DVD standards and going that extra mile with customer service.

Many Thanks

Will & Berit (17 February 2004)

Thanks Sam & Howard

Martelize and I had tears in our eyes as we watched the video .... we are so grateful to you both for producing such a fantastic product. Thank you once again. We will be sure to recommend you to people along the way.

Take care & thank you again

Chris & Martelize (21 September 2003)

The video is brilliant! You've done an awesome job. We are extremely happy!

Thanks a lot.

Duncan (August 2003)

Dear Sam & Howard,

I have been meaning to write to you since we returned to Ireland, just to let you know how thrilled we were with video you created for Simone & Michael's wedding.

You captured everything so well, you are a good team and I take off my hat to you, as the whole video was a masterpiece!!  Sam you were also very helpful and down to earth on the day, so thank you for that too.

The ceremony came across very well on the video.  The dancing and the craic (celebration) was captured very well also. I know that you don't  need me to acknowledge your ability in this area, but I want to express it none the less!!

I do hope that you are keeping well. Thank you again for all your help, and for being excellent on the day.


Evelyn (received 22 June 2003)

Dearest Howard & Sam

We wish to thank you for creating a very special video of our wedding celebration. Thank you for capturing the easy going atmosphere of our wedding and especially for putting together a wonderful wedding montage at the end of the video.

All the best for your future business endeavours.

Kind Thanx

Debbie & Finbar (received May 2003)

Dear Howard

Thanks for our wonderful wedding video, we are very pleased with it!

In fact, we love it!!!

Please pass our thanks onto your colleague who assisted you.

With love


Brett & Angelina (17 May 2003)

Dear Sam & Howard

Many thanks for our wonderful wedding video - we are both absolutely thrilled with the result. It is so lovely to watch and pick up on all the bits that we missed - like the church organist, who I don't remember seeing at all! It is also good to see the tables, flowers and food at the Vineyard.

I am sure that we will have many happy hours watching it in the future.

Kind regards

Carol & Marcus (received April 2003)

Hi Howard & Sam

Sorry for only getting back to you now, the last few days have been manic.  We received the video - thanks so much for organising that.

We would like to thank you for a wonderful video.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching it.  The video really is special and we will treasure it forever.  Thanks again!

Have a lovely day!

Cindy & Wayne (received 05 March 2003)

Hi Sam & Howard

At last, we have managed to get a copy of our wedding video to the UK! Thank you so much - Soshanna and I are really thrilled with the result. We have already watched it twice, and there are still loads more screenings to come. :-) You will be highly recommended by us in the future.

Kindest regards,

Graeme & Soshanna (received 05 March 2003)

Dear Sam & Howard

Thank you so much for all your hard work on our wedding day - you were both so fantastic and thank you so much for contributing to our day.

We have just watched the video for the first time last night, and we are so pleased with the outcome. Thank you for all your efforts.

With regards to you both

Brian & Simone (15 February 2003)

Thank you - thank you for including us in your thrilling but brilliant web site! We both feel like almost big time celebrities. Joel & myself still to this day shed many a tear when we watch our video - for me especially the occasion is incredibly emotional as I see my family so close but yet so far away. The music is the last straw because it cuts right through your last hope of composure especially John Clegg singing "under African sky". The beginning of the video with the focus on the scenery makes me swell with pride at how truly blessed I was to grow up in such a beautiful country. For Joel it is still too short as he would love to continue watching the captured honest moments of our day. Words fail me especially in still trying to thank you both for giving me a memory that I will always treasure - it means a world full to have such a treasure so far from home.

All our love

Barbs & Joel & your mad new friends in London (the in-laws & family)

Dear Sam and Howard

We are now back in the UK and have received the video from my parents - we are thrilled with it and want to thank you so much for such an excellent memory of the wedding and for putting it together so beautifully. Some of the shots you got of what was going on in the background has provided us with endless giggles and entertainment so a very big thank you.

We also really enjoyed the personal messages from friends and family which is fabulous to have!

Kind regards
Kathy & Greg


Dear Sam & Howard

Thank you very much for the wonderful memories of Lindsay & Richard's very special day. Thank you too for your absolute professionalism, you certainly managed, in your very quiet way, to capture "it all". God speed, and from all of us, many years of happy filming.

Kind regards. Chris & Margie and a thrilled bride & groom.

Dear Sam & Howard

Just a small note to say a very BIG THANK YOU for handling our video on our wedding day. Your relaxed and accommodating manner was wonderful and enjoyed.

Our guests cannot stop speaking about the blessed and special atmosphere of the day - Thank you for being part of it.

Love Desire� & Sean

Dear Sam & Howard

I have just watched the video of Jane & Simon's wedding and I want to complement you on the truly superb job that you did. You have totally captured the mood, atmosphere and ambience. Thank you for these wonderful memories, we are really indebted to you. Sharon

Dear Sam & Howard

Alex and I are absolutely delighted with the video of our wedding. The "cinematography" was amazing and the whole video so well put together! We are thrilled to have all the special memories of the day captured so wonderfully!

With many thanks Alessandra and Alexander